There’s no point in leveraging the latest in display and engagement technology if your campaigns don’t deliver results. Here are a few of our more recent projects, to give you an idea of what we’re capable of. Feeling inspired? Contact Us, and find out what ninety2i can do for you.

Sony NEX-5 Camera Interactive Display

Creating a Deeper Impact

With the variety of retail display options, it is becoming more and more difficult to create new and engaging consumer experiences. Those who succeed create a unique and purposeful experience that captures consumers’ attention and increases purchase rates.

We set out to concept a new and interactive way to feature a product in a retail environment. While using transparent LCDs to feature a product is an effective way to project content over a physical object, we felt the concept wasn’t fully realized. We wanted to take this technology to the next level and create a truly memorable experience.

We did several things to accomplish this goal. First, we added a second, larger LED monitor onto the back portion of the display in order to provide an additional surface for content. Next, we incorporated a 360° programmable motor which allowed users to rotate the object featured in the display. Then, we added an interactive touch layer to allow the user to control the content.

The consumer is able to navigate a variety of information, allowing them to browse and absorb content at their own pace. We provided a 360° education section that rotates the features camera as the content speaks to what is currently visible to the user. Consumers can learn about the product, its features, share content via social media, sign up for additional information or promotions – even purchase the product and accessories directly from the kiosk.

Sony's consumers are frequently tech savvy, and like most consumers, they want information quickly and on their terms. This solution engages this audience where and when they want to be engaged, in a format that is both unexpected yet familiar, building excitement at the time of consideration and purchase.

Developing this prototype for Sony reinforced how much we love working with new technology and bridging the gap between traditional and digital marketing. As we find new mechanisms to engage consumers, we challenge ourselves to adapt, modify and incorporate them into our suite of services.

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Mazda Interactive Car Window

Stealing the Convention Spotlight

With the Chicago Auto Show on the horizon, Mazda was looking for a clever and attention-grabbing way to show off its new CX-5 Crossover SUV. They decided that giving away a CX-5 would help generate buzz, and partnered with Windy City Live, a local morning talk show, to get the word out about the promotion. However, for such an innovative vehicle, a simple drawing wouldn’t do. Since the CX-5 was powered by the revolutionary new SkyActiv engine technology, Mazda sought a similarly inventive way to execute the giveaway. That’s where ninety2i came in.

Since Mazda was giving away a car, we thought, “Why not make the car itself part of the entry process?” Rather than asking entrants to fill out an entry form, or enter digitally via a conventional signup page, ninety2i developed a custom signup experience that allowed show attendees to physically interact with the very car they were trying to win. To accomplish this feat, we leveraged a prototype version of our Interactive Window technology to project the registration interface on the window of the CX-5 on display at the show.

First, we adhered a touch-sensitive film to the inside of the driver-side window. Next, we connected the film via USB to a computer loaded with the interactive experience, which included a short promotional video and signup form. The computer was hooked up to a projector, which was placed inside the car itself for uninterrupted line-of-sight and added security. Finally, we placed speakers under the car to give the video the necessary volume to stand out in the crowded auto show soundscape.

Once everything was in place, the CX-5 was subtly transformed into an interactive kiosk. Show attendees were attracted to the car by the sights and sounds of the flashy intro video playing on the window, and lined up to enter for their chance to win. Tapping on the window was all it took to interrupt the video and start the signup process. From there, entrants used a virtual keyboard to tap their way through a short registration form – all by simply touching an otherwise ordinary car window.

Unsurprisingly, the giveaway was a big hit. By the time the show was over, over 5,000 unique entrants had signed up for their chance to win. One very lucky person ended up winning the car, but the real winner was Mazda, whose CX-5 was the highlight of the show.

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AT&T Southern Living Sweepstakes with NFC Technology

Renovating Traditional Consumer Promotions

AT&T is known for its innovative and reliable technology. Southern Living magazine is known in part for their Idea Houses, which put a twist on design and construction each year. ninety2i helped them create a unique and engaging connection with visitors touring the 2013 Southern Living Idea House – all while showcasing AT&T's innovative capabilities and home services.

AT&T, a primary sponsor of the 2013 Southern Living Idea House in Nashville, Tennessee, was asked to engage visitors in a unique way during their tour experience. Visitors needed to walk away with an understanding of AT&T U-verse and Digital Life products, plus register to enter for a chance to win the 2014 CMA Music Festival Ultimate VIP Experience Sweepstakes.

Instead of taking the traditional route of QR or short codes, ninety2i developed a stand-alone reverse NFC network that allowed people to “tap to win.” Visitors of the Southern Living Idea House were given an NFC card upon entry that would be used to register them in the sweepstakes.

Four digital displays were placed throughout the tour, each with an affixed NFC card reader. In order to be eligible for the sweepstakes, visitors were required to visit and “tap” all four displays. Using NFC technology created a fun experience for the visitors, and provided AT&T with a marketing avenue to showcase their brand, as well as their U-Verse and Digital Life products. Each NFC card registration was tracked in a database and tied to a unique number. This was then connected to the visitor at the end of the registration process. This database was used to randomly select the three winners of the sweepstakes, as well as provide AT&T with a list for customer outreach.

The 2013 Southern Living Idea House saw 17,000 visitors, over 10,000 of which participated in the NFC-powered sweepstakes.

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Bosch Transparent LCD

Evolving the Retail Display

Standing out from the competition requires being innovative. But innovation isn't always about creating something new; it can be as easy as simplifying the things right in front of us.

A traditional LCD screen is made up of the LCD layer, which displays the image, and the backlight, which emits the light. A transparent LCD is the LCD layer without the backlight. The backlight is replaced with a white box where an object can be placed.

In this prototype application for Bosch Tools, consumers can learn more about the newest line of power tools in an interactive and engaging setting. Custom content was developed to demonstrate the features and benefits while still allowing the consumer to see the actual power tool. The consumer can touch the screen to see specialized highly interactive content about key technologies of the tool.

At the point of decision, it is imperative that consumers are educated not only in the products by brand, but more importantly in the features and differentiators of one product over another. This display provides consumers with that information at the touch of their fingertips, putting the sales process in their hands. They can learn more about what matters most to them, amplifying the consideration and inevitable purchase processes.

This application engages the consumers where they need and want to be engaged, in a way that they are familiar with, while delivering a unique and memorable experience.

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